Getting Started


Explore admin template has 2 dependencies: jQuery and Bootstrap libraries, all functinoality are based on these 2 libraries. Current jQuery library version used in the template - 3.2.1, Bootstrap version - 4.1.1. jQuery has dropped IE8 support in 2.0 version, so by default it is not supported. Main dependency paths are:

<!-- jQuery library -->
<script src="../../../assets/js/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="../../../assets/js/jquery.ui.js"></script>

<!-- Bootstrap library -->
<script src="../../../assets/js/popper.min.js"></script>
<script src="../../../assets/js/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
Please keep in mind, that jQuery must be loaded before Bootstrap as Bootstrap is a jQuery dependent library.
Files structure

Explore admin includes a bunch of different files responsible for core and optional functionality. See the table below for more information about files included to the package:

What Quantity Description
HTML files 70+ HTML files including extensions, page layouts, etc. (including all layouts and demos)
CSS files 2 1 main CSS file, 1 CSS filefor layout styles
JS files 50+ All JS files, including CKEditor folders
Image files 100+ Logos, user avatars, icons and notification icons
Folder structure

By default, Explore admin includes HTML, SCSS, compiled CSS, JS, fonts and image files. All these files are properly commented and placed inside separate folders, so if you know what you are looking for, it won't take too much time to find it. Template package root includes 1 main folder. This folder contains all required JS files, SCSS files, CSS files and images used. Main folders are:

Folder name Description
assets/js/ all required template JS files (maps, charts, pages, plugins etc)
assets/scss/ all required template SCSS (Precompiled) files, including all layouts
assets/css/ all required template CSS files, including animate.css and themes css
assets/images/ all required template image files
assets/icons/ all required files for icons libraries
assets/fonts/ all required files for fonts used
assets/editors/ all required files for html editors
JS folder

JS folder includes all files responsible for template functionality - jQuery plugins, extensions, separate pages codes, core template functionality and libraries. Charts and maps folders are separated from main JS files, because they are mostly used for demo purposes - demo charts, google and vector maps setup and can be easily removed. Core folder includes main libraries and code app.js file which is used in all template pages and contains basic template functionality.

Folder name Description
assets/js/ Core template files - libraries and main vendor.js file with basic functionality, neds to be included in all pages
assets/js/charts/ Highcharts, Google charts and other charts dependency files
assets/js/maps/ Google maps and Vector Maps supporting JS files
assets/js/plugins/ All JS files required for forms, editors, tables and other dependencies
SCSS folder

All required SCSS files (precompiled).

Folder name Description
assets/scss/_global.scss all global variables declarations for all layouts
assets/scss/mixins/ all required mixins for the compilation of vendor.css
assets/scss/assets/ all required assets such as fonts, icons, etc.
assets/scss/ui/ all alternative ui styling
assets/scss/plugins/ all required plugins such as fileupload, datatables, etc.
assets/scss/layout/ all required styling for different layouts
assets/scss/components/ all bootstrap based components styling
assets/scss/apps/ styling for apps pages such as emails, messaging, etc.
CSS folder

All required CSS files are included in assets/css/ folder.

Folder name Description
assets/css/ all existing and upcoming extra css files, such as animations
Images folder

Images folder mostly needed for live preview to store brands and other demo images. But in the template package it doesn't have any of those, but only a set of flags for language switcher, colored icons for pnotify desktop notifications, custom map marker, jQuery UI datepicker trigger, logos, signature for invoice and background image for boxed layouts. Other images are moved according to Envato Market rules.

Folder name Description
assets/images/ contains logo files and other image assets required for the template
assets/images/demo/ contains all images for demo purposes
assets/images/media/ contains all images for demo purposes